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The Glasgow Guarantee is a highly regarded employability programme which supports Glaswegians into work and helps local businesses to grow and prosper.
It offers many benefits if you are:
  • a glasgow resident who is unemployed or about to leave school or college- we have lots of job opportunities available to you
  • a Glasgow based business, who employs less than 250 staff we can support you financially when you are recruiting your next employee.
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#MAKE IT WORK – find your next job
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As a candidate looking for a new job - join our scheme to benefit from:
  • instant access to a large number of permanent Glasgow vacancies and Modern Apprenticeship opportunities when you sign up whilst still at school or college
  • full support and assistance from your local Employability Provider, if you’ve been out of work for a while - to help you get ready for your new role
  • becoming a valued member of a team – job vacancies are for a minimum of 18 months and you get access to the same terms and conditions as other employees
  • earning whilst learning – get paid the Glasgow Living wage (or a percentage of if under 21yrs old)
  • access to your own dedicated online account to view and apply for vacancies once registered.
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#GET RECRUITING- take the next step
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As a business looking to recruit - register today to benefit from:
  • financial support through a wage subsidy when recruiting for a vacancy or a modern apprentice
  • direct access to a diverse pool of work ready job candidates once registered – using your online account
  • access to additional training funds - financial support to help your recruited employee achieve a recognised qualification
  • assistance and support from a dedicated team of business advisors.
  • knowing you are making a difference by paying the Glasgow Living Wage

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