Business registration

Business Registration


The Glasgow Guarantee is a highly regarded employment programme which can help your business grow and prosper whilst supporting local Glasgow residents into work.

If you meet the following criteria – you can register with Glasgow Guarantee to advertise your role and find your next team member. Your business must:

  • be based within the Glasgow City Council boundary;
  • employ less than 250 employees;
  • be a private company, social enterprise or third sector organisation;
  • hold current public and employers’ liability insurance;
  • intend to recruit for a new full time post(s) within the next 18 months;
  • be able to provide payslips, payroll run and business bank statements to show payments to your employees;
  • agree to only recruit from our pool of candidates. The GG candidate pool consists of recent school and college leavers, who may have limited or no work experience, Glasgow residents facing redundancy and being supported by PACE and unemployed/underemployed Glasgow residents who are supported by a Glasgow Guarantee employability provider and are now at a stage where they are ready to enter employment, or start a new job. *underemployed is anyone working in a part-time or zero hour contract job.


Joining Glasgow Guarantee not only offers you access to great financial incentives, such as funding up to nine months of your Glasgow Living Wage vacancy or 50% of your Modern Apprentice role – you also gain access to a dedicated pool of job ready local people.

Candidates who are registered with Glasgow Guarantee are actively seeking employment or an apprenticeship. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have had the necessary support to help them prepare for their first role, the chance to get back into work, or to gain a new job.

Our candidates are enthusiastic, possess knowledge and life skills and will soon become a valued member of your regular workforce. Our younger candidates, straight from school and college, also benefit from having fresh ideas, an inbuilt optimism and a natural ability to undertake change.

It is highly rewarding to support a person into work – to watch them grow and prosper– whilst at the same time developing your business and expanding your team.


Job vacancy
18 month minimum contract icon
All job candidates are employed for a minimum of 2 years with the same terms and conditions as your other permanent employees.
Glasgow Living Wage icon
All jobs offered through the scheme require businesses to pay candidates the Glasgow Living Wage (or a portion of it if they are under 20 years old).
Source funded icon
You can source funding up to the first nine months of employment to support 50% of the salary.
Qualification icon
All candidates recruited can benefit from an on the job training allowance to achieve a recognised qualification to support them in their role with you.
35 hours icon
All posts must be advertised at 35 hours per week however we can fund reduced hours if this is in the best interest of the selected candidate.
Modern Apprentice
Modern apprentice 2 year minimum contract icon
A Modern Apprentice is contracted for a minimum of two years or more depending on the apprenticeship framework.
Source funding icon
You can source funding for half of the duration of the apprenticeship – for example a three year apprenticeship will receive 18 months of funding.


Why can I only receive a wage incentive when I recruit from the pool of Glasgow Guarantee candidates and not if I find my own candidate?
We recognise that some candidates may require additional support to obtain their first job or take slightly more time than others to become a full team player. Our wage incentive aims to encourage and support you to grow and prosper by employing our candidates and helping them thrive and develop.
How can the Glasgow Guarantee scheme support me with recruiting my employee?
We can offer you many benefits when you signup to join the scheme. Among them includes: a wage incentive to recruit individuals from our pool, free advertising on our dedicated website and other channels and a dedicated team of business advisors to support you on every step of your recruitment journey.
What is the Glasgow Guarantee pool of candidates?
All candidates who register with us have met strict eligibility criteria and are ready and eager to find their new role – whether this is a permanent vacancy (minimum contract of 2 years) or a Modern Apprenticeship. Candidates come from all walks and ages of life – including the long term unemployed, individuals who are underemployed (working in a part-time or zero hour contract job) and school/college leavers.They are fully supported by their dedicated Employability Provider to make sure they are ready to seek their new role.
Why recruit an individual from our Glasgow Guarantee pool of candidates?
Candidates who register with our Glasgow Guarantee are all local citizens who are actively seeking employment – either through a paid role or through a Modern Apprenticeship. They are fully supported to get them ready to register with us and coming from a variety of diverse backgrounds they can bring many skills to your organisation. As a business it is highly rewarding to support someone on their role back into the workplace and watch them grow and develop additional skills whilst your own business prospers.