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All candidates hired through the scheme have contributed greatly to our success.

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EGG Lighting are a technology company that specialise in identifying, developing and installing energy saving solutions for businesses. We look at simple ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce electric bills from solutions - such as the installation of LED lighting products and fittings. 

At EGG Lighting we believe in the excitement of innovation and we are determined to create technology that is socially and environmentally responsible. If our customers ask for it and it’s not on the market – then our research and development team will build it. Our mission is to reduce energy and material waste; by providing technologies that save UK businesses money, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance the spaces we all inhabit.

Over the years we have recruited about ten employees through the Glasgow Guarantee Scheme and were awarded the Glasgow Guarantee Business of the Year in 2018.

making a difference

All candidates hired through the scheme have contributed greatly to our success. Coming from diverse backgrounds with different skillsets and a fresh approach and flexibility to work - they have helped shape us into a stronger, more adaptable organisation.

Through using the scheme we have filled roles across all areas of the business from marketing and graphic design to admin and electricians. Every person recruited has brought something new and valuable to their role. We find that the more we put into helping people develop their skills, the more we get out of our business.

be part of it

We are proud to be a part of the Glasgow Guarantee and invest the necessary time and resources into getting local Glaswegians into the workplace.

The financial wage incentive scheme has given us the flexibility to take more measured risks with potential candidates, by enabling us to provide more guidance and support to people. Our mentality to put our trust in people and to help employees fulfil their potential, has seen them go on to develop their skills, qualifications and prove their potential as a valuable asset to our team.

The Glasgow Guarantee really does support your organisation to flourish in every way possible – so why wouldn’t you sign up and become part of it?