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Terms and Conditions of Grant

1. The Grant

1.1. The Grant shall only be payable to eligible businesses.
1.2. The Grant shall only be used to support eligible candidates in eligible positions.

2. Business - Eligibility Criteria

2.1. Eligible businesses will be a Private Sector Company, a Third Sector Organisation or a Social Enterprise. Public sector organisations are specifically excluded from the fund.
2.2. Eligible businesses must have a registered trading address within the Glasgow City Council boundary.
2.3. The fund will prioritise support to businesses with less than 250 employees.
2.4. On a case by case basis consideration will be given to businesses with more than 250 employees that can make a significant impact on the Glasgow economy and can demonstrate sustainability.
2.5. Eligible businesses agree to interview all disabled candidates that meet the minimum specified job criteria.
2.6. Glasgow City Council reserve the right to refuse funding at any time.

3. Specific Exclusions

3.1. Public Sector organisations including Local Authority services and departments are specifically excluded from the fund. This includes any agencies or organisations of the UK or Scottish Government e.g. emergency services, SDS, Scottish Enterprise, DWP, etc.
3.2. Further and Higher Education establishments.
3.3. Jobs which are subject to a Glasgow City Council Community Benefit Clause.
3.4. Businesses which have recently reduced their employee numbers or are planning redundancies.
3.5. Businesses who have used and paid for a recruitment service to source their vacancy.
3.6. Businesses who advertise and/or fill posts before written approval has been received from the Glasgow Guarantee.
3.7. Businesses in receipt of any other funding for this post including funding from Glasgow City Council.
3.8. Businesses involved in the sex industry; politics; religion; nude or semi-nude modelling or photography; multi-level marketing/pyramid selling or any business that may bring Glasgow City Council into disrepute

NOTE – The eligibility for businesses can be changed at any time at the discretion of the Head of Service for Economic Development.

4. Eligible Candidates for the Glasgow Guarantee

An eligible candidate must
4.1. Reside within the Glasgow City Council boundary or have attended a Glasgow City Council Secondary School if aged under 20 years; and
4.2. Shall be either:
4.2.1. Be in full time school or further education and due to leave within the next 3 months.
4.2.2. Be at least 1 day unemployed and working with an approved employability provider.
4.2.3. Be due to be made redundant or made redundant and working with PACE – Partnership Action for Continuing Employment.
4.3. Be fully registered with the Glasgow Guarantee and have a live account

5. Eligible Candidates for the Supportive Growth Fund

An eligible candidate must
5.1. Reside within the Glasgow City Council boundary.
5.2. Be unemployed or under employed.
5.3. Be a graduate from either further or higher education and able to contribute to business growth.

6. Eligible Positions for Glasgow Guarantee

To qualify for support:
6.1. The position must be a new and additional post and add to the total number of employees of the company in Glasgow.
6.2. Terms and Conditions of employment are expected to be on the same basis as all other employees within the company and must offer a contract minimum of 18 months in duration.
6.3. Terms and Conditions of employment for modern apprenticeships must offer a contract minimum of 2 years in duration.
6.4. A modern apprenticeship must pay at least the modern apprenticeship rate as published by the Glasgow Guarantee, increasing in scale throughout the term of the modern apprenticeship.
6.5. For those aged 20yrs and under and not on a recognised modern apprenticeship the employer must pay the Glasgow Living Wage as published by the Glasgow Guarantee.
6.6. For those over 21yrs and over the employer must pay the agreed Glasgow Living Wage as published by the Glasgow Guarantee.

7. Eligible Positions for Supportive Growth Fund

To qualify for support the position:
7.1. Must add to the growth of the business.
7.2. Must be a new and additional post and add to the total number of employees of the company.
7.3. Must not be filled without receipt of written approval from Glasgow City Council.
7.4. Must not be subject to a Glasgow City Council Community Benefit Clause or be subject to funding from any other source, including Glasgow City Council.
7.5. Pay a minimum rate as published by the Glasgow Guarantee
7.6. Terms and Conditions of employment for Supportive Growth Fund are expected to be on the same basis as all other employees within the company but must offer a contract minimum of 18 months in duration.
7.7. Not offer contracted hours. Note: Businesses cannot employ more than one individual at the same time, to undertake the same post, for example making 2 part time posts when it should be 1 full time. This will be decided by the business


8. Finance

8.1. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate payment of salary is made to the employee as per the contract. Any breach of this contract will result in withdrawal of the grant offer.
8.2. All payments required by law are the responsibility of the employer including Income Tax and national insurance. Assessments under the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Act, holiday pay and any liability arising from this employment shall be the sole and absolute responsibility of the employer.
8.3. The employer shall submit claims and payroll as required by the Glasgow Guarantee Terms and Conditions.
8.4. The Glasgow Guarantee will reimburse the employer up to 50% of the salary for 9 months with the exception of modern apprenticeships.
8.5. Modern apprenticeships will be funded up to 50% of the salary for 50% of the duration of the modern apprenticeship. This will be capped at the level published by the Glasgow Guarantee.
8.6. Jobs filled under the Supportive Growth Fund will be funded at 25% of the annual salary based on an hourly rate of pay for up to 35 hours per week to a maximum as published by the Glasgow Guarantee.
8.7. Payments will be made on submission of a claim form detailing the breakdown of costs paid out. Claim forms are issued with the grant award letter once the Part 2 has been approved. Copies of payslips or a print of your payroll, BACs run (if applicable) and bank statements must accompany all claims and cover the full period being claimed. Note that it is a legal requirement to issue employees with a payslip.
8.8. A deadline for submission is detailed on each claim form. If this date is not complied with, no payment will be made.
8.9. Only one set of bank account details should be provided for each business.
8.10. Glasgow Guarantee may withhold payment of any grant amount where the employer has failed to comply with any terms and conditions contained herein.
8.11. Glasgow Guarantee may demand return of any amount in excess of the contribution to which the employer is entitled, for example, overpayment or a breach of the Terms and Conditions. Such amounts will be considered debts owing to the Glasgow City Council.
8.12. The grant is limited to the maximum payable as published by the Glasgow Guarantee.
8.13. Where applicable, support is being granted by Glasgow City Council in terms of Article 32 of the General Block Exemption Regulation (EU No 651/2014) through the Scottish Local Authorities approved scheme (reference SA.39118).
8.14. Under EC regulation 1407/2013 (de minimis aid regulation), this is a de minimis aid. There is a ceiling of €200,000 for all de minimis aid provided to any one firm over a 3-year period. Any de minimis aid awarded to you under this offer letter will be relevant if you wish to apply, or have applied, for any other de minimis aid. For the purposes of the de minimis regulation, you must retain this letter for 3 years from the date on this letter and produce it on any request by the UK public authorities or the European Commission. (You may need to keep this letter for longer than three years for other purposes.)

9. General

9.1. The management, supervision, and direction of the employee are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the employer.
9.2. The employer agrees to work with any after care services to provide in work support to the employee.
9.3. The employer and employee may be required at various stages to participate in monitoring and evaluation of the programme. This includes activities undertaken by representatives for Glasgow City Council, Scottish Government or the European Union.
9.4. Completion of a Grant Fund Application does not entitle the employer to payment.

10. Termination

If at any time Glasgow Guarantee is of the opinion that the employer has failed to act in an acceptable and appropriate manner or has failed to comply with any of the terms and conditions contained herein, payment of Glasgow Guarantee may be withheld/withdrawn.

11. Agreement

By signing the Part 2, you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions.

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions.
You will not be able to register until you have read this.