Vacancy: Versatile Workshop Technician and Service Engineer

JOB TITLE: Versatile Workshop Technician and Service Engineer


SALARY/WAGE: £27,000 / £13.57 p/h
CLOSING DATE: 24/06/2024

Poolpod Products


Job Description

Your role is a diverse one and will include the following task to a greater or lesser extent:
General workshop assistant - assembly of products
Performing services on products in the field when required including driving to our operators sites in the UK and the republic of Ireland to perform services and repairs to equipment. This may mean that some nights are spent away from Glasgow, accommodation and reasonable travel expenses may be reclaimed from the company.
Performing other assembly, operation of machinery as required to produce the companies products.

Key Responsibilities

You will be trained in tasks you are required to perform.
You will assemble the products and operate machinery according to the companies procedures which will be explained to you.
You will service and repair lifts in the field according to the companies procedures, you experience and training and the service manuals which will be provided to you.

Key Skills

Must have basic knowledge health and safety awareness.
It is desirable that skills in practical skills are evidenced.
Must be reliable, diligent, punctual and hard working.

Company profile

Poolpod Products are a friendly company based on Maryhill in a modern manufacturing environment. Using state of the art equipment we manufacture and assemble a swimming pool lift for disabled people to access the pool. We also manufacture a range of submersible wheelchairs and other new products for use in pools.

Education, Qualifications and Training

A mechanical, technical or engineering qualification is desirable but not essential - we welcome all applicants that have manual dexterity and strength and a willingness to learn.

Experience & Knowledge

We will consider all candidates, experience in assembly, metal working, car maintenance, or any other relevant hand on experience will be an advantage. We are looking for a versatile candidate who can solve practical problems and has good spatial awareness as this is important for programming the robotic welding cells. All necessary training will be provided on the job by the company.

Any Additional Requirements

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